Petrol Station Attendant Arrested for Multiple Civilian Casualties in Sungei Road

Rochor, Singapore – a man by the name Erik Chan was arrested by the Rochor Neighbourhood Police for crashing towards the Sungei road’s flea markets causing multiple civilian injuries and 2 car crashes.

According to the civilians, what they found more baffling is not the fact that this 34-year-old petrol station attendant’s vehicle came out of nowhere, but how he was able to immediately settle all the damages for what could have been a lengthy legal conundrum.

Our correspondent was able to get exclusive insights about what exactly happened.

According to Erik, it was his first drive in the area also known as the Thieves’ Market where he lost control of his driving in an attempt to surprise his partner with his newly bought car.

It was a rough drive since the accident happened where many innocent street vendors are. Luckily, no one was deeply injured, only minor scratches.

The crash victims as well as the injured civilians are more interested in how Erik got his money to pay for all the damages despite his skimpy day job at a gas station. Even the netizens can’t help but think about the story behind his riches.

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